Explore the Best Method of Preparing for Exams

Every individual has a different bandwidth for grabbing new information. Students have a lot to learn every year to clear their annual exams and move to the next standard. Each of them try their own unique techniques to study and prepare for the exams. Some succeed while some go wrong only to change their ways next year.
With the surge in eEducation, things have become much easier for students. These online portals with easy-to-use interface provide students with a great platform to carry on their study schedule smoothly. Though there are many players in the market offering digital learning solutions, Extramarks goes that extra mile to provide a blended platform of advanced technology and a well-framed pedagogy.  
Extramarks follows a three-pronged approach of Learn, Practice and Test to complete the full cycle of TOTAL LEARNING™.

Learn -
Learn allows comprehensive explanation of concepts through various multimedia platforms.
  • 2D/3D Animations
  • Mindmaps
  • Flowcharts
  • Formative Discussions
  • Motion Gallery
  • Lesson Capsules

Practice leads to concept reinforcement through interactive tools and exercises.
  • Case Studies
  • Game Based Practice Modules
  • Assignments
  • Questions and Answers
  • Simulations
  • Virtual Labs

Test allows complete evaluation of learnt concepts through multiple chapter and subject tests.
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Adaptive tests – Subjective and Objective
  • Group Quiz
  • Past Exam Papers

These learning solutions are delivered through robust technology, making learning process easy, effective and engaging. Explore them now.

Enjoy Personalized Learning with Online Study Packages

E-learning has administered he much-welcomed culture of independent and self-study. Online courses, by and large cover everything a learner needs for end-to-end study and preparation for exams. Students can now learn as per their own convenience. They can choose what to study, when to study and how much to study. Log on anytime in or after the school and start studying. This is ‘Personalized Learning’ in its truest form.
There are many websites presenting the school syllabus in interesting formats making complex concepts simpler to comprehend. There are vast online banks of test questions to facilitate performance evaluation.
More and more students are opting for online courses for studying after school. The only difficultly they face is in the selection of the right source among so many options. Providing authentic and verified study material is not everybody’s strong suit. 
Digital Learning

Extramarks, however, has proven itself to be amongst the best in the digital learning solutions arena over the years. Extramarks’ Smart Study Pack enjoys the patronisation of users and the numbers are growing by the day.
Extramarks Smart Study Pack is a web-based repository of a host of multimedia study modules, which can be accessed on the Extramarks website anytime. The course is mapped to K-12 curriculum and provides an in-depth explanation of concepts in a concise way. The best part about this product is that students can experience personalized learning by creating a specialized package according to their needs and abilities.

Combo Pack: Access all learning solutions of your chosen class for two consecutive academic years.
Annual Pack: Access all learning solutions of your chosen class for one complete academic year.
Fast Track Pack: Prepare well in advance for a new session or revise for exams with this pack, which is valid for 90 days.
Single Subject Pack: Access learning solutions of your chosen subject for one complete academic year.
Test Pack: Ensure accurate evaluation of your understanding through various subjective & objective testing tools comprising of innumerable practice questions, tests and quizzes.
You can create your own pack. Awesome! Isn’t it? Know more or Get a Free Trial of Extramarks Smart Study Pack and start experiencing the benefits of personalized learning.

Schedule your online study course and gain better learning outputs

Missing deadlines, incomplete homework, partial exam preparedness – are some of the many horrors of a student’s life. Every student dreams of a smooth academic journey. But, not all of them are able to live it. For, it requires good planning and an even better execution of the study plan. Planning right from the beginning is the key to achieving good grades at the end of the academic year.
These days, most of the students have switched to e-learning for better studying avenues. Online education portals offer innovative tools that aid in effective, manageable learning. Extramarks is one such company that provides advanced digital learning solutions armed with new-age tech-tools.
Extramarks’ special feature – SCHEDULER – helps in following a well-managed and well-maintained study routine. Through this amazing feature, one can create daily, weekly or monthly time-table based on one’s own discretion and requirements. Students can fix deadlines and view their time-table anytime to ensure they remain on the track. To see that the schedule is followed through, students’ mentors can also regulate and make changes to the schedule.
Education App for mobile
Extramarks - Online Learning App

Creating a Schedule on Extramarks’ dashboard is very easy:
Step 1: Register yourself on Extramarks website: www.extramarks.com
Step 2: Create your Account
Step 3: Click on Schedule >> Add Schedule
Step 4: Select Subject
Step 5: Add Topic, Start & End Date
It’s simple and really helps students manage their time and achieve their learning goals. Why don’t you go for a Free Trial and see for yourself how this works?

5 Ways to Improve your Concentration while Studying

Sitting in a long lecture and your mind wanders away. Happens with everybody. Right?  Many suffer from the problem of low concentration power. It’s difficult for them to study for long without getting distracted. Here are a few tips that might help you be more attentive and focussed while studying:
  1. Find the Perfect Environment
Choose your study space wisely. It should be comfortable and pleasing to your senses. In a quiet room alone or in a noisy library full of other students, make your choice according to your liking. Only if you’ll be content with your surroundings, you’ll be able to sit through your studies for a longer time.

  1. Do Away With the Distractions –
Don’t let anything that distracts you, be around you when you are studying. Mobile, TV, Laptop, ipad, magazines – put them all away. ‘Seeing’ leads to ‘recalling.’ When you won’t see a particular object around you, chances are you might not even think about it. It’s a simple psychology trick worth trying.

  1. Switch to Digital learning –
Online portals present boring concepts in interesting formats like 2D/3D animations and thematic games. Extramarks offers world-class digital learning solutions that produce the best of pedagogy with the help of disruptive technology. The audio-visual lessons will catch your attention and keep you hooked to the screen for the longest time. 
Online Tuitions
Digital Learning for School Students

  1. Set a Schedule –
A well thought-out time-table for the study plan always helps. Breakdown your course into sections and set up a time frame for the completion of each of them. These days, online Scheduler tools are available, which can help you create, maintain and assess your study routine. Check and try Extramarks’ ‘Scheduler’ feature.

  1. Study with Others –
Studying alone at your own pace gives a lot of scope for delays and reschedules. You can get lackadaisical and ignore your schedule. On the other hand, if you study in a group, you will naturally keep up the tempo and move along with the group lest you fall behind. Extramarks provides a great platform wherein you can create or join online groups on its web portal. Now you can study with others in the comfort of your home with more concentration and zeal to study.

Try the above-mentioned methods and your thoughts will never lose focus. Explore the various tools and features offered by Extramarks to strengthen your study process.

What Type of Learner Are You?

Different kinds of learners have different ways of studying. If you look around you in your classroom, you’ll realize every student use their own special technique to learn. Some will grill the teachers to understand concepts and some will cram all the way till exams. Psychologists have long studied the behaviour of students and came forth with few common types which cover all kinds of learners. Let’s take a look at what they are:
Visual Learners – This kind of learners understand best with visual images. They learn by seeing. For them, concepts that can be turned to life are easily comprehensible. Demonstrations, videos, virtual classrooms, animations – are some of the platforms that use visualization as a key tool for teaching.
Read-Write Learners – These learners study by reading and then writing the lessons learnt. Such learners are adept at making notes, jotting down lessons in points on in a list form. They love words. They like to convert graphs, illustrations, charts etc. into words and write them down for reference.
Auditory Learners – They learn by hearing. The most attentive students in the class who listen to their teachers carefully, fall into this category. They like verbal explanation of concepts by someone rather than reading text themselves.
Kinesthetic Learners – As the name suggests, these learners try to understand things by getting hands-on experience. They indulge in practical activities and take the route of trial and error. Solving real-life problems and interacting with objects is the best way to teach them.
Interpersonal Learners – Interpersonal learners like to share their ideas with other people in a group and learn by discussions. They work best in teams. They are the ones who study with their peers before exams and try to clear their doubts instantly even when their teachers are not around.
Intrapersonal Learners – They are lone learners. They like to study and practice on their own. Personalized learning is the ‘way to go’ for them. They like to take absolute responsibility and ownership of their studies.
Traditional classroom teaching does not have much scope to cater to all types of learners. It’s difficult to fulfil specific learning needs of all the students. To tackle this issue, private education providers like Extramarks offers integrated, technology-enabled solutions that takes care of the learning needs of all individuals. Extramarks’ digitalized multiple platforms bring forth many offerings like:
Audio-visual Animations
Smart Classes
Interactive Exercises
Mobile Apps
Online Groups
Tools like ‘Schedule,’ ‘Mindmaps’ and ‘Notes’
3D Interactive Lessons
Multiple Choice Questions
And many more…
Do you know what type of learner are you? Whatever your learning style is, Extramarks will be your specialized study partner. Visit Extramarks and find your perfect learning solution.

Gear Up For The Most Powerful Educational Event In Your City

Extramarks, a leader in the digital education space, is organizing large-scale events to promote the connected learning environment of Total Learning™ in schools across the country. Extramarks started off on 23rd July, 2017 and will complete the ambitious journey by the end of August, 2017. Exrtramarks will visit 30 cities and invite prominent schools and industry experts to participate and contribute in the event.

Extramarks Total Learning Ecosystem is an end-to-end comprehensive learning environment, which connects all the stakeholders – School, Teachers, Students and Parents on a single platform to support students’ success. The learning system adopts the three-pronged approach of ‘Learn,’ ‘Practice’ and ‘Test,’ which provides relief from ‘half knowledge’ and empowers learners with the power of Total Learning™. 

Total Learning Ecosystem provides technology-enabled In-school and After-school Solutions that bridge the gap between school and home study.
  • Brings all stakeholders on a common platform
  • Addresses learning requirement of students at home
  • Encourages Personalized Learning
  • Allows teachers and parents to track and monitor progress of the child
  • Eliminates the need of costly external teaching resources
  • Enables schools to effectively use and optimize their resources

Great minds will get together for round table discussions, presentations, demonstrations and experience-sharing to revolutionize present-day education in Indian schools. Schools and teachers will be taught the use and importance of modern teaching methods and will be encouraged to imply them in the classrooms.

Get the details, latest updates and live feeds of Total Learning Summit events happening near you.
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Study ‘FROM’ others in school and study ‘WITH’ others at home

Are you one of those who get easily bored during a class lecture and prefer to study with friends after school?
Imagine, how great it would be if you could study with anyone at any time in the comfort of your home. If you could discuss the lesson you are currently studying with others and share your ideas with them in real-time. All this is possible now with the help of advanced technology.
Extramarks gives you a ‘never-seen-before’ opportunity to study with others through its ‘Group’ feature. You can connect with your classmates or friends or anyone you are comfortable studying with after school hours. Join existing online groups or form a new group on Extramarks digital learning platforms – App/Pack/Tab/Stick. Just follow some simple steps and enter the world of collaborative learning. 

How can you create a Group?
Step 2 – Register and Create your Account
Step 3 - Click on GROUP – NEW GROUP
Step 4 – Enter Email Address of Member(s)
Step 5 – Select SUBJECT
Step 6 – Click SUBMIT
Ta-da! Your very own group is created!

Studying through Extramarks’ online groups will help you:
  • Share your ideas and study resources.
  • Discussdifficult concepts.
  • Get access to fellow members’ notes and perspectives.
  • Complete assignments jointly.
  • Clarify doubts instantly.
  • Study at home without expensive coaching.
    Smart Classes from Extramarks

Enjoy the above benefits and many such more through peer-to-peer learning. Strengthen your understanding of concepts and perform well in school and school exams. Get access to Extramarks ‘Group’ here.

How To Excel In School and Competitive Exams

Sound schooling lays down the foundation for a successful career. Fundamentals learnt in school train the mind to grasp in-depth knowledge during higher studies. Personal performance in school is given a lot of weightage for admission in undergraduate courses in reputed institutes all over the world.
Extramarks, the largest digital learning solutions provider, offers intensive preparation for all subjects of classes VI-X. Extramarks’ aim is to present complex lessons in a simplified manner, helping students to strengthen their basic understanding of concepts. Extramarks’ Foundation Courses prepare students to excel in school and board exams (CBSE/ICSE), and also succeed in national level competitive exams like Science and Math Olympiads and NTSE.
Extramarks inspires, nurtures and leads young learners towards a bright future.
Extramarks offers all lessons in digital format (audio-video animations) that makes learning engaging and interesting. The courses are based on the unique methodology of ‘Learn,’ ‘Practice’ and ‘Test,’ which ensures thorough understanding and assessment of the concepts learnt.

How Extramarks Test-prep boosts your academic performance?
  • Syllabus is mapped to school curriculum
  • Intensive weekly classes are held focussing on important topics
  • Regular practice sessions and tests are conducted based on the exams pattern
  • Solved previous years papers are provided for strong preparation
  • Well-trained faculty guides and supports throughout the duration of course
  • Optimum teacher-student ratio ensures personal attention

Choose your platform for learning
Classroom Mode: Technology assisted smart coaching centres with modern infrastructure, situated in various cities across the country.
Online Mode: Access to the entire online content for all subjects of chosen class for one complete academic year.
Need more information? Contact Extramarks’ counsellors and get all the details you want for Extramarks Test-prep for Foundation Courses.

Ace the SAT exam without a hitch

Are you looking to pursue your higher education from a foreign institute? Are you well prepared to take the SAT exam to grab a seat in your dream college/university? SAT Is the most common and the most crucial exam required to be taken by students seeking admission in undergraduate schools abroad. As important it is to clear the exam, it is also one of the most difficult exams to crack.
As there are lakhs of students across the world eyeing the same spot as you are, the competition is very strong. To gather your best chances, it’s always better to prepare and gear yourself fully with the help of industry professionals. 


Extramarks brings to you a time-tested, perfect platform to attain high SAT score – Extramarks SAT – Online Prep. Through its highly engaging audio video content, Extramarks adopts a multi-layered approach to prepare you for the important entrance exam. The course is largely based on a series of tests mapped with SAT exam and is concluded with a personalized analytical report to assess your preparedness.
Extramarks SAT – Online Test Prep offers the following:
  1. FREE DIAGNOSTIC TEST – Based on the actual SAT exam, this test uncovers you strengths and weaknesses and provides you with a recommendation plan for adopting the right approach to prepare for the SAT exam.

  1. TUTORIALS – Graphically enhanced, comprehensive videos on all SAT topics make for a full-fledged course for thorough test preparation. The tutorials are self-explanatory and provide an in-depth understanding of the lessons being taught.

  1. PRACTICE EXERCISES – Every tutorial ends with a practice exercise to retain the concepts learnt and identify the areas not clearly understood.

  1. UNLIMITED FLTs – Unlimited Full Length Tests enable you to evaluate your performance as many times you want to. These tests are designed to give you a real-time feel of the actual SAT exams.

  1. PERFORMANCE TRACKER – This is an effective tool for students as well as parents to track the learners’ progress. The performance tracker tool accompanies all the practice exercises to help you see your learning gaps.

Apart from arming you to excel at SAT, Extramarks SAT – Online Prep also provides mentorship and guidance to pick the right course and the right institute as per your aptitude. Extramarks provides unwavering support and motivation from start till end of your preparation journey. Get started now with Extramarks SAT – Online Prep and turn your dream of studying abroad a reality.

How Half Knowledge Impedes Effective Learning

Data explosion and technology advancement has led to easy availability of information everywhere. As the talent pool is increasing and improving, employers prefer taking in candidates with the right skills and vast knowledge. To excel in their respective fields, students want to acquire learning that is lifelong and boosts their career. 
Image result for half knowledge
In spite of huge advancements in the education system, the teaching-learning system still follows age-old, rigid structure which leaves little scope for creativity and flexibility. Fixed lecture timings, traditional classroom setting, one-way flow of information from teachers to students, black and white textbooks – all these factors restrict productive education and foster ‘Half Knowledge.’
  • Lack of well-structured pedagogy and engaging learning resources
  • Half-baked tutorials without in-depth explanation of concepts
  • Lesser retention of the lessons learnt due to inadequate revision pattern
  • Long, complex syllabus leading to lesser attention span among students   

Education system needs to be revamped by adopting modern, technology-enabled teaching methods. The need of the hour is to provide students a more engaging learning platform, which fuels the curiosity and zeal to ‘know more.’ Students should be able to get complete information in a way that remains with them for life.
Extramarks, a leading digital learning solutions provider that offers In-school and After-school education for the entire K-12 segment addresses the overbearing problem. Extramarks adopts the three-pronged approach of Learn, Practice and Test to create an environment of Total Learning™.
Total Learning™ is an all-encompassing learning method that employs a comprehensive teaching technique backed by the latest technology to create a holistic learning environment for the discerning generation of today.
Extramarks inculcates the school syllabus in its interactive, audio-visual lessons. These interesting animations are designed to keep the learners engrossed and promote immersive learning. Extramarks offers e-learning in many forms – smart class, online website pack, mobile app, personal tablet and pen drive. With Extramarks, you can learn whenever and wherever you want. To know more about these revolutionary methods of learning, click here.